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What our students say about us

We asked our students what they thought about studying at a postgraduate level at York, and here's what they told us:

Taught postgraduate courses

Nidhi Modi, MSc Cyber Security

"York is full of life, with music, street performances, and an infinite choice of cuisine. Weekends spent in York are my favorites!"

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Small image of Alena Denisova

Alena Denisova, MSc Human-Centred Interactive Technologies‌‌‌

"Even though the lecturers in the department are some of the most respected in their field, they remain passionate, humble, and are always willing to spare some time to discuss topics in depth."‌

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Picture of Mansha Manohar

Mansha Manohar, MSc Human-Centred Interactive Technologies

"I apply more or less everything I studied at York in my day-to-day job."

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Thumbnail of Jonathan Settle, student on MSc Human-Centred Interactive Technologies

Jonathan Settle, MSc in Human-Centred Interactive Technologies

"The range of topics that I have covered has allowed me to challenge my preconceptions and develop a broader and more realistic view of how Computer Science affects people."

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Small picture of Alex Vaughan Alex Vaughan, MSc Human-Centred Interactive Technologies

"The relaxed nature of the staff, the well structured and planned teaching and the friends I made all contributed to a greatly positive experience at York."

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Postgraduate research degrees

Thumbnail of head and shoulders of Anna Bramwell-Dicks, PhD student

Anna Bramwell-Dicks, PhD in Computer Science

"The academics at York supported my research proposal, going as far as to help me to formulate the proposal and source funding. The support I was given at the application stage was a clear factor in helping me to choose to study at York."

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Thumbnail of James Williams, PhD student

James Williams, PhD in Computer Science

"I like the freedom granted to me to pursue ideas and interests. The work environment is fantastic; colleagues and supervisors are also friends, and if you need it, support can be found wherever you look."

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Small picture of Chris Marriott, PhD student‌Chris Marriott, PhD in Computer Science

"You are really looked after in York, there's nowhere else I would rather be completing my PhD!"

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Small picture of Richard Alun Williams PhD student‌Richard Alun Williams, PhD in Computer Science

"I feel right at home within Computer Science here at York. The facilities are outstanding, and the staff are genuinely interested in how your research, and indeed you as a researcher, are developing."

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Image of Daniel Moyo, PhD student in Computer Science

Daniel Moyo, PhD in Computer Science 

"The facilities here at York are of excellent quality. The buildings have great spaces, with places to work and collaborate." 

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Picture of Sam Devlin, PhD student in Computer Science

 Sam Devlin, PhD in Computer Science

 "For me the PhD has been exactly what I wanted from university; studying and contributing towards state-of-the-art topics."

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