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“As a clinician working for the Department of Health Informatics Directorate, supporting software architects, engineers and project managers to deliver safe technology to the NHS, I have found the MSc in Safety Critical Systems Engineering to be absolutely essential. The quality of the lectures, teaching materials and content delivered is second to none. I have not undertaken any training or education since qualifying as a clinician that has been so relevant, useful and practical for my daily job. I would recommend that anyone working in healthcare with an interest in patient safety should take the Foundations of System Safety Engineering module at the very least.” Beverly Scott, Clinical Safety Advisor, Department of Health Informatics Directorate.

“A very good course, delivered well.  The case studies were very good and gave us the opportunity to see how various safety methods/analysis are used in various situations.”

“Excellent course, the lecturers were extremely knowledgeable and articulated their subject really well.  The course material will be an invaluable reference on such important and large topic. Anecdotes and stories of real world examples much appreciated and very interesting. Highly recommended.”

“One of the best courses I have been on. I gained a good appreciation of system safety and the analysis techniques involved”

“The case studies were very good, showing how various safety methods and analysis are used in real life”

 “I found the course excellent, definitely one of the best and most useful courses that I have been on.  The course tutors were all very knowledgeable, helpful and made sessions interesting.”

“As a practitioner of system/functional safety in the automotive industry I cannot recommend the MSc in Safety Critical Systems Engineering highly enough. The course structure and the mandatory modules cover the fundamentals of system safety in such depth and breadth as to be applicable to any safety standard. Unlike previous degree courses I refer to my York notes a great deal, since they are extremely relevant to my day to day safety activities” Robert Palin, Jaguar Land Rover.