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Our early career researchers

Ian Gray

Ian Gray is an early career researcher and lecturer in Real-Time Systems. He studied for his PhD at York and became a lecturer in the Department in early 2018. He works on the development of new programming models: new ways of thinking, computationally, about complex real-time and embedded systems, the types of systems that are embedded in cars, smart homes, and mobile phones.

Ian developed his research through close collaboration with industry, and participating in a number of large research projects funded by the European Union. He is also engaged in supervising PhD students whose research crosses the boundary between software and hardware.

Jo Iacovides

Jo Iacovides is an early career researcher who is joining the Department in Spring 2018 as a lecturer in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Her research interests lie in HCI and Educational Technology where she investigates learning within the context of games and playful technologies. She has previously explored how people learn to use technology in the workplace, how digital games and tools support informal learning and the use of digital games in formal education. More recently, she has been working on a project investigating game-based learning for police training in child interviewing, where engagement in the context of safety critical games has been studied. She also supported the development of Resilience Challenge, a game that is designed to introduce the concept of organisational resilience to healthcare practitioners.

Thanos Zolotas


Thanos Zolotas is an early career researcher and Research Associate in Model-Driven Engineering. He completed his Engineering Doctorate at York in 2016, and currently works on the SECT-AIR project, funded by the ATI and Innovate UK. He is developing novel techniques to automate the process of generating assurance cases, which express the arguments that need to be made to convince certifying authorities such as the Civil Aviation Authority, that a critical avionics or aerospace system is acceptably safe to deploy. He is an advocate of open-source technologies and is a committer on the Eclipse Epsilon project.