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Anastasija Anspoka

MEng Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence with a year in industry

Why did you choose to study Computer Science?

I attended an optional course in programming at school and I was really fascinated by the programs that I had to write. Besides, I really enjoy solving problems and designing algorithms. When I was in the 7th grade I said that I am going to become a software developer, and so far I have been keeping my promise.

Why did you choose to study Computer Science at the University of York?

I wanted to apply specifically to study Artificial Intelligence, and the University of York was one of the top UK universities that offered this course. Another aspect that I particularly liked was the university’s links with industry, as I think it is very important – it is much easier to find a graduate job if you already have work experience.

What do you particularly like about being a Computer Science student at York?

I like that we get exposed to different areas of Computer Science – it’s not just about learning new programming languages. I also enjoyed doing various exciting projects like designing an iPhone application in a team and programming robots.
The course content is quite complex, but lecturers are always willing to help and answer our questions if something is not clear. Moreover, complexity adds an academic challenge, which makes studying more interesting and exciting. Another strength of the course is the balance between theory and practice, which, in my opinion, is very important for computer scientists. For each module we have both lectures and practical classes, so we can immediately apply the knowledge that we get.

The quality of teaching is really high. All lecturers are academics with rich experience who are passionate about their subjects, and most of them do their own research.  Teaching is done in a way that students are not just taught raw facts, but instead they are taught how to apply their knowledge.

All the facilities are equipped with the latest technology, and everything is kept up to date. Computer Science students are really lucky as we get to study in brand new buildings at Heslington East. The new Computer Science building has everything to satisfy students’ needs: software labs which are open 24 hours a day, hardware labs and rooms for seminars and practicals.

What do you think about the city of York?

York is a great place to live! Unlike big, industrial cities, York manages to preserve its English feel, which makes it special. The centre is the heart of the city. There are so many places to visit and so many things to do! Walking on the old walls, visiting York Minster, going on a ghost walk, shopping and clubbing are only a few examples.

Would you recommend York and the Department of Computer Science?

Yes, I would definitely recommend the University of York to prospective students, because here they can get everything they need to make the most of their student years: experienced lecturers, support from Careers, modern facilities, student unions and societies, academic and non-academic events, and of course a lot of ducks!