Accessibility statement

Luiza Georgieva

BEng Computer Science with a year in industry

Why did you choose to study Computer Science?

I chose Computer Science because I love logic and I like to be challenged with solving problems in an efficient way.

Why did you choose to study Computer Science at the University of York?

York is a top university not only for Computer Science but in general. One of the things that sets it apart from the other well-known universities is the brand-new campus expansion. The opportunity to use new hardware and software labs, lecture halls etc. was very tempting. Apart from that, York is one of the few universities that teach hardware in the first year, giving me the opportunity to see if I like hardware or software more.

Why did you choose to take a year in industry?

I chose to take a year in industry to see what it would be like to work in industry! Moreover, I think the experience will be extremely valuable once I start looking for a job after graduation.

I am expecting the year will improve my technical skills as well as my soft skills, such as time management and working in a team. I think it will also help me to decide if I want to pursue a career in industry or try to stay in academia.

What do you particularly like about being a Computer Science student at York?

I particularly like that the first two years of the course aim to give as much insight into the core aspects of Computer Science as possible. This helps me identify the areas I am interested in and so I will be able to choose third year modules that I know I will like.

The content of the course is very well designed. There is a clear logical continuation of the first year modules in the second year which makes it easier for me to see the connection between theoretical principles and their effect on solving real world problems. I also enjoy the problem sessions organised for each module, where students solve problems set by the lecturers.

Another advantage of the course is the choice of hardware or software project in the second year. The group software project gave me a lot of valuable skills and experiences to talk about in interviews with companies for my placement.

The quality of teaching is outstanding. The lecturers are very organised, their modules very good, and they are always happy to answer questions after the lectures or at any other time. If it was evident that a particular part of the module is hard, the lecturers were always ready to organise extra problem classes or lecture on this particular content.

The facilities of the Department are excellent. All the labs are brand new, the lecture halls are very comfortable and the equipment is fantastic. There are a lot of areas for group study / group projects and a free bus between the campuses.

What do you think about the city of York and the University surroundings?

York is one of the most picturesque cities in the UK. The atmosphere here is one of a kind. The city is not stressfully busy, and it provides everything a student may need. You can find a lot of clubs with student offers at night and a fantastic shopping and eating out atmosphere in the day.

Both the University and the city are cycling friendly, with lots of cycle paths, and for me as a cyclist that was very important.

Would you recommend York and the Department of Computer Science?

The University strives to provide the best environment for students to develop not only their academic but their social skills as well. My time at York has been amazing so far and I would totally recommend it.