Accessibility statement

Priya Vasan

BEng Computer Science with a year in industry

Why did you choose to study Computer Science?

I was interested in computers from a young age, and wanted to study further and explore the field in higher education.

Why did you choose to study Computer Science at the University of York?

I chose to study at York as they are one of the top universities in the country for Computer Science. I thoroughly enjoyed my interview day at York, ranging from the presentation, the campus tour, and the actual interview. By choosing York, I felt that I would be taught by the best professors and lecturers in the field, being at the forefront of research in the area.

How was your experience of a year in industry?

I worked for a company called CSC, based at their offices in Chesterfield.

The Industrial Placements Coordinator helped me every step of the way, particularly including CV advice, interview and assessment centre preparation, help in completing the security clearance forms, and advice on the assessment during the year in industry. Once on placement, the Industrial Placements Coordinator kept in touch with me via emails to see how I was getting on, as well as visiting my place of work a few times to make sure I was enjoying the placement.

I learnt several skills throughout the year, one of them being my ability to effectively deliver presentations to large audiences. I also learnt how to take my skills and knowledge learnt from lectures and apply them to real world situations.  

Completing the year in industry was one of the best decisions I made at university. I am very grateful for the opportunity that I, as a student, could work for an international company. I feel that a year in industry has made me more focused on my aspirations towards completing my degree.

What do you particularly like about being a Computer Science student at York?

The quality of teaching at York is excellent. Professors and lecturers are at the top of their field, and being taught by someone who is at the forefront of breaking-edge science is something every student wishes. The Professors and lecturers are always available to help students if a topic needs further clarification outside of lectures.

Would you recommend York and the Department of Computer Science?

Yes, I would highly recommend the University of York to prospective students. York is a great university, regardless of the course you are studying. It is an encouraging and thrilling atmosphere, where students can achieve their best and excel in what they do. The college system at York is great, with regular inter-college competitions, including sports, so everyone can take part. There are also several societies and extra-curricular activities for students to enjoy and make the most of their time whilst at York.